October 01, 2008

How to exercise your mind to grow taller

For many people, growing taller is more of a mental
challenge than a physical attempt. Success must begin with a
strong and positive mind, filled with motivation and
determination. However, in reality most people around you
have weak and negative minds. Facing difficulties or
adversities, their favorite words are "impossible" and "give
up". If you do not acquire mental toughness, you will easily
become their victim and end up quitting your own dreams.
Here are some secrets on how to exercise your mind to
achieve such "mental toughness".


* Visualization

See yourself where you want to be! Visualize yourself one
foot taller. Make a detailed image of it - what will you
look like, how will you feel, and what are all the other
people's reactions. You are 6'2''! Notice the people around
you as they admire your stature! Can you see them drooling
while they imagine themselves being you? Do you notice how
some of them lift up their eyebrows as they greet you? Do
you feel the respect and submissiveness that they must give
to you? The best way to persevere through your challenge is
by visualizing yourself accomplishing your goal. This will
help you persevere. Visualization is a tremendous tool; use
it! See yourself at the end of the tunnel. See it, taste it,
smell it!


* Self-image

You must begin with your self-image because success must
begin from the inside out, not the outside in. Be proud to
be yourself and be proud of your ambition and goals, and
then you will be in control of your own destiny. Your destiny
is not predetermined, nor designed by others. You make your
own destiny. You determine what you really want, and how
you are going to get it.


* Self-awareness

Self-awareness is powerful because it will allow you to
catch yourself as a negative thought slips into your mind.
Catch that thought; do not allow it to penetrate! Because
one negative thought will lead to another, and another, and
many others. Think about how beautiful your life will be
once you realize your goals, and how miserable you will feel
if you are defeated by your own negative thoughts. Then you
will have self-awareness to choose the right thing for


* Positive Thinking Pattern

An important component of success is the way you process
your thoughts. Your thinking patterns will reflect whether
or not you will follow through with your goals. There are
two basic thinking patterns: a negative thinking pattern
and a positive thinking pattern. A negative thinking pattern
disrupts people's goals and leads them to quitting, so it is
discouraging. A positive thinking pattern uses visualization
to enhance people's goals and leads them to success, so it
is encouraging. Most people start a goal somewhere during
the journey of their lives. They continue to move forward
and then stop. It seems that they encounter endless
difficulties and resistance so reaching their initial goal
seems "impossible". This is because they are moving forward
blindfolded. In other words, they did not plan their goal.


* Planning

You must visualize your goal beginning at where you want to
end. Picture where you want to be and go backward. By
planning this way you will understand what it takes to
succeed, and you will also be aware to encounter
difficulties. Think of every encounter that you might
experience that will discourage you from completing your
goal. Most likely they will happen. But when they do you
will be ready because you planned it and are one step ahead
of the game.


* Overcome Resistance

You may meet two types of resistance - internal resistance
and external resistance.

Internal resistance is generated by your own mind and body;
both want to be constantly relaxed and comfortable. Doing
exercises and using Kimi/ MFIII everyday to grow taller is
just the opposite and therefore it will be resisted. You
must take control of your mind and body to overcome the

External resistance is generated by an organism's natural
inclination to maintain its current condition (homeostasis).
You can try the following ways to overcome external

1. Understand how homeostasis works. Realize that the
intensity of your discomfort indicates the scale of the
change that you are going through. "No pain, no gain". Very
often discomfort is a good sign for the positive change that
your body is experiencing.

2. Develop a support system. Cultivate relationships that
support your development (such as to take advantage of our
unlimited free support for your efforts in growing taller)
and avoid those which threaten it.

3. Follow a regular practice routine. Routine is a habit,
and any regular practice routine provides a kind of stable
base during the instability of change. Our program is
essentially the best routine that you can follow to grow
taller and increase your height.

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